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    Popular cosplay event in Manila – Cosplay Carnival

    Last February 20,2016, I went to one of …

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    Things to do around SM Mall of Asia (Pasay, Philippines)

    Today I went to visit Mall of asia, one …

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    Cosplay Carnival 2016 – Cosplay Gallery(Filipino cosplayer 87Photos)

    I joined cosplay carnibal 2016 in manila…

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    what are the basic expressions of Filipinos during the rainy and dry season?

    Unlike other countries, there are only t…

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    learn how to speak tagalog pick up lines

    Pick up line or 'banat' in tagalog, is a…

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    Tagalog tutorial – the 10 most used congratulatory messages we often use

    When you congratulate someone, you are s…

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