Popular cosplay event in Manila – Cosplay Carnival


Last February 20,2016, I went to one of the major cosplay events in Manila called the “Cosplay Carnival”, Held in the SMX center in Mall of Asia.

I went as a character from Alice in wonderland and to my delight, There were a lot of people who participated in the event.


Cosplayers from all over Manila gathered to showcase their talent and creativity in making colorful costumes of their favorite character from animes, mangas and online games.The event was open for all. Young and old alike, Filipino and foreigners, rich or poor.. cosplay conventions have no diverisity and discrimination.



Lining up for the convention wasn’t easy. I spent about an hour outside in the hot weather waiting for the gates to open and get tickets. The people were not informed that the event will be starting late and it was like being inside a huge oven because it was so hot and my make up was melting, making me look like a scary, killer doll rather than a cute one. Definitely not one of the best moments in my life.


Anyways, patience pays off. Once I got inside, I felt like I was in heaven. It was so cool inside! Very different from the temperature outside. The venue is very nice because its spacious and gives an opportunity for cosplayers to roam around and rest by sitting on the carpeted floors. It was very comfortable. Plus the dressing rooms were not crowded. I did not have to go on Spartan mode and compete with other girls in terms of taking turns in the cubicle and the mirror, no blood was shed, no corpse was buried.
I also met a lot of new friends and got to take selfies with my old ones.


It was very flattering how they complimented my costume even though I looked like a maid because I looked very haggard and because it was too big for me. I guess that is what friends are for, they are willing to lie to you just to make you feel good about yourself.And it actually works! Somehow, I was able to fool myself into thinking that I actually looked “kawaii” and not “kowaii”.


Cosplay Carnival offered a lot of fun activities to entertain everyone such as games, auctions, eating contests and special presentations from international cosplay guests.



And if ever you get hungry, there are a lot of delicious food booths available to satisfy your cravings, particularly in Japanese food. I could smell the takoyaki from a distance!



And the sweets that Daiso Japan store offered was like paradise!



I wanted to stuff every food I see in my back pack and be a ninja so I could go home and savor every chocolate and candy. But life is cruel, I went home with an empty bag and a heavy heart
But, It was not so bad. they also have amazing booths inside where in you can buy rare items that you only see during conventions such as accessories, clothes, props and other cosplay items from Japan and other countries.



I wish I had an ATM card that never runs out of money and I swear, ill be the happiest girl alive. However, it was painful for my wallet because some items are pretty pricey and you would really want to buy everything you see. If you want to go bankrupt real quick, go to a cosplay convention, and you will see your money evaporate like magic. But despite having an empty wallet, I went home very happy and contented with the new memories and experience I have gained from going to cosplay carnival 2016.


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