Who is the cutest teen star in the Philippines? I asked 150 pinoy


There are a lot of famous actresses here in the Philippines. But who is the cutest among them? In order to know the answer, we are going to ask 150 guys about their opinion.

We asked this guy about the who is the cutest teenager actress for him and he voted for Ms. Karen Reyes.



We went outside the neighborhood and there are a lot of people who really wants to vote especially the children but we are only asking for a guy who is fifteen years old and above so their votes are not counted

We already asked 50 people. And the top 3 among the actresses are Julia Barretto, followed by Liza Soberano and the third one is Kathryn Bernardo. The top 3 are not surprising. But the result still can be change because we still have 100 people remaining, so come on! Let’s continue!

Looks like this guy wants to have a picture together with the model because of his smile


We entered this dvd shop with loud music. There are lots of dvds here so I think you don’t need to record a movie in a theater because if you do that, you have to face punishments plus it doesn’t have a good quality so if you want to watch again a movie better to buy a dvd copy than recording it on a theater.



The guy is happy while taking the survey. You know why? Because two cute girls are asking him!


We asked all the tricycle drivers who are waiting for passengers.

We encountered many people while doing this survey. Some of them are happy, some are smiling and some are very shy that they don’t want to take the survey. But with the help of these people, the question that keeps on bothering us has been answered. Are you curious who among the actresses won the spot? Find out the result on the next blog!

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