Top 8 recommended souvenirs for you from the Philippines


Instead of keychains, wallets and other memorabilia, I will recommend something edible (except the soap of course, unless you want to know the taste of it) since people nowadays want to try all the foods all over the world. Here are the 8 souvenirs that you should try and give it as a present to your loved ones!



1. Dried Mangoes

Dried mangoes are popular in the Philippines. If you came from a trip in Cebu (a place in the Philippines where dried mangoes came from), you should bring a bunch of dried mangoes with you when you go back to where you came from.


Dried mangoes are available at all supermarkets nationwide in the Philippines so you don’t have to go to Cebu. If it is your first time visiting the country, I recommend trying this first because you’ll never regret eating this. (This became my favorite delicacy since I first tasted it, seriously.)
If you want to know price of dried mango and which brand is good,click this URL below.
7D Dried Mangoes is the best? I compared the tastes of 7 dried mangoes.


2. Pancit Canton (₱ 9.00)

This is an instant noodle. In just three minutes, your hunger will be filled. Filipinos eat Pancit Canton whenever they like. Breakfast (with bread), lunch or dinner (pancit canton serves as the viand) and for merienda!



There different flavors of it, the original, kalamansi, chili-mansi and many more!


It has no soup. Preparing it is very easy. Just boil the noodles for 3 minutes, drain, and mix it with the seasoning! (There’s an instruction at the back of the package)



3. Papaya Soap (₱ 35.00)


Papaya is a fruit and people eat it as part of the diet and healthy foods. But this time, you can’t eat this! Why? Because papaya is now used as a main ingredient of a soap.

Do you want to have a white, smooth and healthy skin? If you do, better grab this one!


4. Virgin Coconut Oil (₱ 169.00)


This oil is not the usual oil you think. Not cooking oil or baby oil. It is oil extracted from a coconut and considered as the healthiest oil. Also, it can help prevent diseases. I’m not sure if this is what I used to drink way back when I was still a kid. All I remember is it is oil and I really should drink it because the doctor prescribed it. Of course, as a child, I really don’t want the texture of it on my tongue so once I drink the oil, I immediately swallow a candy.


5. Banana Chips (₱ 43.00)


Banana chips are somehow similar to dried mangoes; the only thing is banana chips are deep-fried while dried mangoes are dried (obviously with its name)

Yummy! Its crunchy (you can really hear the crunchiness when someone is eating banana chips) and the sweetness is just right. Love it!



6. Banana Catsup (₱ 18.00)


When I was a kid, banana catsup is always served on the table as a condiment. I knew it first before the tomato catsup, which is really the first one invented. I do a research and found out that the reason why banana catsup was made is because of the shortage of tomato and the high production of banana during the World War II. (This catsup has a historical story, I didn’t knew it before)


7. Kalamansi Juice (₱ 194.50)


We prepare our own kalamansi juice because it is cheaper than buying the one in the grocery. But our home-made kalamansi juice is really just a simple one, we will just extract kalamansi, add water and sugar to taste. We make this when we have a cold because kalamansi is rich in vitamin C, which is more effective rather than the medicines you buy in a drugstore (which also has a side effect) The kalamansi juice that can be bought at grocery store is a ready-to-drink and you don’t need to extract kalamansi anymore (which I find very hassle)


8. Champorado (₱ 28.50)


If you go out and find an eatery serving breakfast or merienda, I’m sure they’re offering champorado. The traditional cooking of champorado takes time and usually, it is serving for large numbers of people. So if you are craving for it, I recommend you to buy instant champorado. (The taste is not totally different with the traditional one, don’t worry)


There are many souvenirs that you can buy in the Philippines but this is what I want you to try. I hope this helps you to have an idea on what you should buy and what you should try.

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