Do you know the porridge of chocolate? Try champorado!


One of the favorite Philippine cuisine of the Filipinos, champorado has sweet glutinous rice and cocoa as the main ingredients, Hot or cold, morning or mid-afternoon, as long as you are hungry, you can choose whenever to eat it!


In just 10 minutes you can have a delicious champorado that can serve up to five bowls! Imagine? You can full five tummies in just 10 minutes? Awesome! (Note: This is an instant champorado, the traditional cooking of champorado takes a lot of time)



Cooking directions:
Boil together
5cups of water,
½ cup sugar, and 1 pack (113g) white king champ-o-rado mix.
Stir occasionally for 8-10 minutes or until the rice is cooked




With milk and additional sugar, as desired


At first, it looked like I add too much water, but as minutes passed by, I noticed that the amount of water gets smaller.

You can surpass the allotted 10 minutes if you want a thicker champorado (because the water will be sip by the rice).


Here it is! The finish product!



It tastes good! If you are a chocolate lover, you will enjoy this one! The taste of the instant champorado is not that different with the traditional one but still, if you have a chance, try the traditional champorado.


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