BALUT – The most terrifying food in the Philippines


Balut is a hard-boiled duck egg considered as an exotic food in the Philippines.


It can be bought at around 15 pesos through balut vendors who walk along the streets at night shouting “Balut!” so whoever wants to buy would know.



You can buy peanuts and quail egg there


At first, just imagining what’s inside seems gruesome…but if I wouldn’t give it a try, how would I know?



To eat balut is as simple as this:
Crack the shell on the wider top part of the egg. Take off some shell and put small amount of salt, and sip the broth.

Now, take the remaining shell off until the half-part and don’t be shocked with the next scenario.



It may seem gross when you see the small chick inside, but if you think of how nutritious and delicious it is, you may want to eat it together with the yolk or the yellow part. So just say “Hi!” and then “Goodbye!” to the chick! :)



Now, assessing the taste, the soup is somehow bland probably why we put some salt on it. The yolk or the yellow part is tastier than ordinary hard-boiled eggyolk. The egg white is rock-like and bland, so it’s up to you if you still want to eat it. The chick, though you may just want to close your eyes so you won’t see it as you eat it, tastes like broiled chicken but is still best to it together with the yolk.



Overall, it’s delicious, and it’s delectable, and it’s yummy, and it’s appetizing…and now I don’t know what to say, I’m overwhelmed with its taste! Try it and you might ask for more!


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