How To Choose The Best Coconut And How To Make Coconut Juice



Coconut is a complete food rich in essential nutrients like calories, vitamins and minerals, and can be considered as natural food supplement which aids in preventing many ailments.



Drinking its juice or the coconut water alone is not only refreshing but also said to have cleansing / purifying properties which is good for our body.



The Philippines, as a tropical country, is also known for its coconut or buko (in local language). With so many coconuts around, I am amazed how some people know which is good for buko juice, or for buko salad, or for anything else, even though they cannot see the flesh inside. And with the way they open it…they seem happy to do it for everyone.


Look at the picture below…I am truly impressed by the cheerful nature of Pinoys!



To make coconut juice or buko juice, you must know first how to open the coconut so you can get the water from it.
Using a “gulok” (a large knife or bolo), trim off the husk and chop a hole on top.



Extract the liquid and pour the coconut water in a container.




Cut the coconut into half to scrape off the coconut flesh / meat and mix it with the coconut water. Add sugar if desired.





Now, be refreshed and hydrate naturally with coconut juice!



Which coconut is more sweet? Let’s compare them

Since I like buko juice, and want to know more about it, I first compared two different coconuts wondering which juice is better.


I noticed that the juice of the green one is sweeter than the brownish one. I can say Young coconut is sweeter than Old one.



I may seem hooked to coconuts, especially buko juice, because it’s refreshingly delicious…
And when I think of how good it is to my health, I know I should always have it on my table.


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