Let’s explore Ninoy Aquino Park and Wildlife Center!


I just heard about this place and today is my first time here. Come and join me as I explore this awesome park!

Since I’m not familiar with this place, I do a research and asked on social medias on how to get there. Luckily, they answered me and the direction is easy as ABC.
I just rode a bus going to SM North Edsa (one of the famous malls here in Manila) and there’s a terminal there and I just have to ride a jeepney going to the City Hall of Quezon City and there it is!


Outside of the wildlife center, I can say that I’m in the right place because of the pictures painted on the wall.

The entrance fee is very affordable! 8.00 For adults and 5.00 for students and children.

This is Ninoy Aquino (no, not the girl, the statue one).


Because it is a wildlife center, there is a mini zoo there. There are different kinds of eagle and I wonder where the Philippine eagle is.

This is white breasted sea eagle, another kind of eagle



There are also other birds there like the rufous hornbill and Palawan hornbill.

P1030868philippine P1030865philippine
I also saw a burmese phython. I’m not sure if it’s a poisonous one or not. It’s sleeping, maybe because it’s lonely because it’s alone. I can’t imagine my life being like that, alone in a cage, no one to lean on.

Then there’s this vervet monkey. I’m not sure if it’s only one but I saw no one except that monkey. I noticed that its tail is longer that its body.

At first, I thought it’s an abandoned cage, but when I looked closer, there are saltwater crocodiles. They are not moving and they looked like stones!

Because I was so eager to see the Philippine eagle, I asked one of the caretakers where I will find it. And they said that it is separated from the other animals and it is on a big cage. And it’s really a big cage! I’m confused which one is the Philippine eagle because there are lots of eagles in there.



I didn’t have a chance to stroll the whole park because of my schedule but the next time I go here, I’ll make sure I will spend my whole day here.




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