Great places you must visit in University of the Philippines Diliman


University of the Philippines is one of the prestigious schools in the Philippines. Many people are saying that it is hard to enter this university and only smart students can passed the entrance exam. I’ve been here multiple times because I really love the atmosphere here. I can say that I already been in all places and buildings around the whole university (but of course I haven’t memorized the whole place yet).

Unlike any other universities, inside the UP, there are vehicles that are passing by. There is a jeepney that is only for UP, the “ikot” and the “toki”. Because UP is a huge university, you need to ride a jeepney to go to other buildings (but you can walk there if your schedule is not that hectic)

UP shopping center is one of the famous spot here. It’s like a convenient store. There is an internet café, fruit shake stall, restaurant and even barber shop! Maybe because UP do have dormitories and many students live here.

Before entering the shopping center, there is a vendor selling banana cue so I bought one. It is a banana deep-fried with sugar. You should try this, you can buy this anywhere in the Philippines.


So in this stall, they sell fresh fruit shakes and at the same time, they also sell fresh fruits. The vendors are very hospitable.

I can guarantee you that the shakes they are selling are fresh because as you can see at the background, there are lots of fresh fruits there. It’s delicious plus it’s also healthy for you.

If you are a student here or simply a tourist, you can buy here at the souvenir shop. T-shirts, umbrellas, hoodies, lanyards and even shoes! All are available here.



I bought a t-shirt because that’s the usual thing I bought in a souvenir shop, so if I wear it, I can remember that “oh, I’ve been here in this place”.



There is a japanese-korean restaurant here. I haven’t eaten in here yet. But beside this restaurant is the “rodics’” which is popular with its tapsilog.

There are also churches inside the university and one of it is the church of the risen Lord. This church is open to all. I think students go here especially when its finals week and they need to pass lots of requirements; of course they need the guidance of the Lord.

Because I was curious what the life of a UP student is, I decided to ask two students about the tips on how to enter the university.

Since University of the Philippines is a huge university, I got tired so I didn’t have the chance to stroll around the whole university; it also rained so I decided to go home. This is a really great university.

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