Let’s find Filipina beauty! Beauty contest for Polytechnic University of the Philippines students


The voting will start on June 10. You want to vote? Please feel free to vote!
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I thought I could find a candidate for the beauty contest in one day, But I couldn’t, Because it was pretty hard.

Why I didn’t finish finding a candidate in a day? Well, there’s two reason why.

The first one was the heavy rain that only occurs in the tropical region. The road turned like a river in an instant.


You’ll know better about the heavy rain occurring in the Philippines if this was a video .


I arrived in “Polytechnic University of the Philippines” at 2:30pm. After about 15 minutes, it started to rain, so I ran into a restaurant and took a light meal. Usually after around 20 minutes, the rain will stop, but still, it’s raining. It’s getting on my nerves. The rain was about to stop, I was about to start looking for a candidate, when suddenly, another heavy rain came…What is this?

Is this is a divine message for an old man from God that telling me to stop wasting my time to do stupid things like looking for a beautiful college student?

After all, my shoes and socks and also the flyers got soaked, So I withdraw in five o’clock.

In the meantime, the person at the top page will be the one who will join the beauty contest. Unfortunately, she is the only girl that I was able to take a picture today. Luckily, I found her while she was waiting for the rain to stop with her boyfriend and I got a chance to talk with them and her boyfriend got excited and gladly approved me take a picture of his girlfriend for the beauty contest .


The first reason why I didn’t finish the photography was the heavy rain, But the other one is in mentality.

People in Japan like salesman and males who picks up some girls sure is good at these kind of things. Experiencing to be rejected will surely makes you emotionally tired. In Philippines, most of the people here seems like to take a pictures of themselves and posting it on facebook unlike Japanese people that doesn’t much like to post their privacy because of the possible dangers such as getting leak of your address, credit card number, etc. For me, I thought I have a greater chance to get an approval from a Filipina to take a picture by that, But I guess it wasn’t that simple as I thought.


Here’s a sample what they said to me when they refused.

“Sorry, I’m busy”

“No, Thank you”

“Could you die? You’re seriously annoying”

Okay, The last part was a joke, But for me who lived who were wrapped in cotton wool, this will surely makes me emotionally tired. Guys in Japan who picks up a Japanese gal probably have an experience that has been refused and being told that phrase, that I was joking about. The guys who picks up girls sure have some strong mental. It’s not like I’m picking up some girls, but most of the time I was standing around and trying to catch the right time to talk to a girl. 

10 people in two hours. 1 person in twelve minutes. And I was only able to take 1 person’s picture today.

There was another girl who seems interested to the beauty contest, But I ended up just giving her a flyer, Because she has a lesson at that time.

It’s also because I spent too much time for the rain to stop, But the first day really ended up in a not good result. In the middle of the time, although it’s still raining, I started to use my umbrella to search for more candidate for the beauty contest, But the environment was really bad! While in the middle of the rain like this, I’m sure they were not in the mood too, And in a situation like this, it won’t really gives you a better results to talk with people. I know there ’s a better way to talk with people, But I’m an amateur about this, So I don’t know that much. I was trying to be approachable but I guess I ended up being more suspicious. lol

I want to spend one more day to gather 15 candidates if possible, But I wish there will be 20 candidates participated to this beauty contest.

Thank you so much for reading to the end.

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