Taxi Safety Tips and smart ways for Travelers


Taxi is one of public vehicle here in the Philippines (but it’s like a semi-private one). Unlike any other public vehicle, taxi is more convenient since it will drop you off in your exact location but, its more expensive. In jeepneys, the minimum fare is 7.50 for 4 kilometers and in the bus it’s 10.00-12.00 while in taxi, the minimum fare is 40.00 and for every 300 meters, you add 3.50 . Also, students don’t have discounts in here unlike jeepneys and bus.
So, when taking a taxi, I want to give you some tips and things you should remember (and always remember and don’t forget)


1. Better ride at the backseat

In a private vehicle (car or van) I want to seat besides the driver because I really want the front view, but in this case, seat at the back, why? First, its more comfortable since the backseat is wider that the front seat. Second, for your own safety. If by any chance you rode a taxi with a driver that have a bad intention, backseat is safer that the front seat because in there, the driver can touch you or grab you, but if you are in the backseat, his movement is more limited.


2. Spread his information

The plate number, company name and his name (if possible), send it to your family and to your friends. We don’t know what might happen. And in case you run out of load, just pretend. Pretend that you are talking to your mother and telling her the place where you are, the plate number and the company name. In this moment, the driver will be alarmed that you already notify your family and it will have a smaller chance that he will do something.



3. Don’t sleep

Even though you are very tired and very sleepy, never, ever sleep! Especially if you are alone. Because if you woke up, there’s a chance you will never see your phone or wallet again. Also, in case of accident (just in case), there’s a higher chance of you to die because your body system is not alert.


4. Lock the door

Just like in your home, locking the door will make you feel secure and safe. When you are inside the taxi, there are some incidents that beggars will open the door and grab your things or like they will not let you in peace unless you give them money. Lock. Just lock. And never open the door when someone knocked on the door.

The tips stated above is for your safety when inside the taxi. The next tip that I will give is when your still outside the taxi



5. Turn the meter on

Some drivers automatically turned the meter on, but some will say that the meter is not working or such things, just making excuses not to turn the meter on. In this case, better grab another taxi. Drivers might give you a higher fare than the usual. It is mandated by the law to have a taxi meter. And they have the responsibility to take you in your destination, safe and sound.

The next tip is for your own convenience


6. Prepare an exact amount.

I don’t know if this just became a habit, but when you pay in taxi in Manila, you don’t usually get your change. In my case, I just give it as a tip if they have a good service and being friendly.



7. Tell your destination

Before you ride the taxi, tell him your destination first, if he knows where it its, ride in it, but if he’s confused, better grab another one. Because if he doesn’t know, you might get lost and you will have to pay additional amount because the meter will get higher.



8. Negotiate during rush hour

Rush hour is a very hassle moment of your life. It’s very difficult to ride a vehicle plus the heavy traffic. In this case, taxi drivers will choose their passenger (this is not allowed but we can’t prevent this from happening). If you had a chance to have a taxi and he refuses, I recommend you negotiate with him, like you will add 30 pesos, 40 pesos or 50 pesos.


All stated above are the things to remember for your own safety. Always stay alert. But I’m not saying that all of the drivers do have bad intentions, they are still some who are very kind-hearted and all they want is to make a living and to give a good service. In some cases, I don’t know why passengers left some of their baggage, but if you are blessed, you have a chance to have your baggage back. Drivers will report it to TV stations for them to announce and the owner will be notify. Some baggage contains thousands of money but still, drivers don’t take advantage of it even though they really really need it.



Interview for taxi driver

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