Review: J.Co Donuts & Coffee – The must-try donuts in Donuts & Coffee in the Philippines


J.Co Donuts & Coffee originated from Indonesia and expanded their business in Singapore, China, Malaysia and of course, here in the Philippines. (and it’s a right decision for them)

Here, you can buy frozen yogurt (which I really want to try because I love yogurt or anything sour but I haven’t get a chance to taste it so maybe next time), coffee (which I also want to try since they offer a frappe which I also love) and of course, donuts! (which people really really love)



There are many different flavors of donuts but I will just introduce you a dozen of it since it is a bit expensive.
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1. Don Mochino


It has a bit bitterness because it’s dark chocolate but because of the filling inside, it tastes good for me. And besides, you will still finish eating the donut especially if you love chocolates (And I love chocolates!)


2. Choconuttzy


From the title itself, choconuttzy. Combination of chocolates and nuts is the best! So who’s here are fan of nuts? *me raises my hand*


3. Tiramisu


I’m curious what is inside of this tiramisu


oh! its a cream filling! The toppings is cream and the filling is also cream so that’s why when I took a bite, the taste is creamier! Yummy!


4. White Dessert


The toppings is coconut flakes and when you bite it, you can see and taste the kaya filling (which also composed of coconut). Coconut is a known fruit here in the Philippines so I thought this is a filipino recipe but of course, all of the recipes originated in Indonesia.

5. Oreology


Just hearing the name makes me drools. Who’s here doesn’t love oreo? Anyone? If you don’t love oreo, then you’re missing the half of your life.


6. Blueberry More


When the Blueberry More reaches my tongue, I immediately swallow another bite. Why? Not because I’m hungry (well, let’s include that part) but because it’s very tasty and the filling and the blueberry toppings is really good! It’s like my tongue is searching for it.


7. Avocado Dicaprio


I read the description of about the Avocado Dicaprio and it said that it has a chocolate garnish, well yes it has but I tasted like a coffee one or mocha. And I think this is nutritious because avocado is a very good source of nutrition.


8. Cheese Cakelicious


Again, Oreo plays a major part here, it is the toppings. But unlike the oreology, this has a cheese filling (or maybe this is a cheesecake) the combination of oreo and cheese complimented well.


9. Why Nut


I love this name, huh. It’s like “why nut try this?”. Remember the choconuttzy? (Item #2) in there, it has a chocolate and nuts, in “why nut donut” , it still has a chocolate, yes, but this time, it is white chocolate.


10. Green Tease


I’m not fan of any tea (just the iced tea) so I”ll give you the right to judge the taste of it. To the tea lovers out there, especially the green tea one, try this!


11. Copa Banana


Again, I thought this is a Filipino recipe, but then again, Indonesia is the master of all the recipes of J.Co. The taste of banana filling is really good! And it really complimented with the chocolate.


12. Alcapone


and we’re down at the best seller of J.Co, the Alcapone! And when I took a bite of it, I already knew the reason why this is the best seller! Better grab this one because even though I explained it, you can’t still know the feeling when I tasted it.



This are the 12 donuts that I’ve tried. And next time, I will surely taste all the donuts and also yogurt and their frappe.

You can also buy souvenirs here!


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