What is Carinderia? – cheap and delicious local restaurant in the Philippines


“Carinderia” or small eatery is popular in the Philippines.


People on a tight budget usually go here to buy food. Employees working nearby, students and even residents who do not want to cook food are the usual customers of this place. You can buy delicious yet affordable meals here. Also, they offer a variety of dishes per day that will satisfy your empty stomach.


They don’t sell only food but also sell daily necessities.

Clays Kitchenette is one of the great find “Carinderia” in Mandaluyong. They offer home cooked Kapampangan dishes served in “turo-turo” style. (Kapampangans are well-known in the Philippines in terms of their cooking abilities) They serve delectable meals without spending too much money. Usually, their price range per order is P25.00 to P50.00.



Here are some of their tasty meals:

Sinigang na Bangus


Sinigang na Bangus (Milkfish) is one of the most favorite soups in the Philippines. Its sour taste makes people crave for more. The price per order here is P40.00.



Pork with Tausi

It is a simple yet delicious meal made from pork and salted black bean or tausi. For only P45.00, you can taste this appetizing dish.

Spicy Chicken Curry

This is just a simple chicken curry with a spicy kick. Its additional spice makes people order for more. This delectable dish is only for P50.00 per order.

Ginisang Upo

Ginisang upo is a cheap yet healthy dish that you can buy for only P25.00.



I am choosing which food i eat.

I decide to eat all hahaha

Let’s eat:)


During my stay there, I had the chance to get to know the owner of the “Carinderia”. She’s happy whenever she sees her customers like her food. Sometimes she becomes upset whenever people think that “karinderyas” offer dirty food. But instead of thinking about that, she just prove to them that her eatery is clean and extraordinary. Her talent in cooking and determination will definitely help her achieve her dreams of having her own restaurant.

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