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Jeepneys? You can only find it here in the Philippines! Filipinos are so creative that they come up with a concept like this. As I remember, I read an article saying that jeepneys or simply jeep, was invented because of war, I’m not sure if it’s a world war, but yeah, its a war. Soldiers rode the army truck and someone thought of making the back of the vehicle longer so many people can ride on it.

Of course, foreigners don’t know the feeling of riding the jeep so if you are a foreigner and haven’t tried to ride one, I will give you ideas and the do’s and dont’s on riding a jeep.

At the side of the jeepney, it is written there the jeepney routine



But at the front, there’s a signboard telling where the destination of the jeep is.



So, how to ride a jeepney? Well, its not really hard, I mean, its just the same with the bus that you will seat and pay. But you need to learn something that we only do in jeepney.
First, make sure that the signboard of the jeep is really your destination because if it’s not and you rode in it? You’ll be lost.
What if you sat at the end of the jeep? (the nearest seat on the door) and you need to pay at the driver? How can you give the money to him?
Simple. Just say “bayad po” to other passengers. Bayad po means “my payment”. Passengers will automatically get your money and then pass it into another passenger and then pass it again until it reaches the driver. Then if you have a change, the driver will pass it into other passengers, and then the passenger will also pass it, until it reaches you. Just don’t forget to say thank you.

And in order for the jeepney to stop if you’re already in your destination, don’t say stop, instead, say “para po”. This is what we say when we want the jeepney to stop. And if the driver didn’t hear it, other passengers will also say “para po” for you.


Jeepney might not be comfortable for some of the first timers because it is not an enclosed vehicle so you can inhale pollution so better have a handkerchief. Also don’t use gadgets while inside the jeep if it’s not an important matter because there are many incidents regarding snatching inside the jeep. And just like in the taxi, don’t sleep, for your own safety.
I have never encountered snatching incident in the jeep (thank God) but I just heard of it. Just stay alert so you will be like me (haha)
Helping each other is a Filipino trait, so if you’re inside the jeep, you can feel that trait. From the passing of your payment to the driver up to other passengers saying “para po” for you, you can only experience that inside the jeep. Jeepney is only here in the Philippines. It’s more fun in the Philippines

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