PEDICAB or “Padyak” – a must try ride in the Philippines!


Pedicab or “padyak” is one of the cheap means of transportation here in the Philippines. It is a small three-wheeled public transportation operated by pedals. Some people choose pedicab, rather than motorized tricycle, because of its cheaper fare for transportation.

During the rainy seasons, this is the best alternative to cross flooded streets without getting wet. Do you want to try to ride a pedicab or “padyak”? Here are some quick tips and tricks that you should consider when riding a pedicab:



1. Don’t forget to negotiate.

Before riding the pedicab, you can negotiate with the driver if how much you’re going to pay. Some drivers tend to over-price their fare, especially to foreigners, so be wise!


2. Treat your handkerchief as your best friend.

Since it’s not a closed vehicle, you can get all the polluted air. Use your handkerchief to protect yourself from smoke and dust.


3. Be vigilant.

Since it is powered by foot-pedal, your ride will be a bit bumpy or shaky. If you feel uncomfortable, you can hold onto the metal bars inside the sidecar to keep you safe.


4. Secure your belongings.

As a passenger, your task, aside from paying the bill, is securing your personal belongings. No one knows when a pick-pocket will attack. If you are careless, they can easily get your belongings.

5. Have fun and enjoy!

Your experience inside the pedicab is different from riding a taxi, a jeepney or tricycle. Since it is slower than other means of transportation, you will have more time looking at the beautiful places you’re visiting!

These things are just reminders for you to have a safe and enjoyable ride. There’s no harm in having fun as long as you are smart enough to protect and secure yourself! Always remember, be alert, stay safe and have fun!


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