Know the different value of Philippine Peso Bill and the things that you can buy with it


When you go in a country, you first need to exchange your money in their currency in order to buy what you want and what you need, because if you don’t, the cashier would not be able to accept your money even if you have hundreds of dollars.

Here in the Philippines, as far as I know, there’s a currency exchange in the airport. And in case you run out of Philippine money, currency exchange is also available in malls.

So what are the Philippine peso bills? Let’s check it out. Starting from the lowest value up to the highest value bill.



1. Twenty Peso Bill


Color: Orange

Front/obverse of the bill: there’s Manuel L. Quezon, former president of the Philippines and is known as the “Father of the national language”
Back/Reverse of the bill: the banaue rice terraces, which is a popular place because this rice terraces is carved by people with their bare hands, and if you see it, you will be amazed like “did they really used their bare hands building this?” I haven’t been there personally but when I see pictures of it, I’m really amazed.

What can you buy with twenty pesos?: A bathroom tissue! We need tissue in our daily lives (if you know what I mean)

Fifty Peso Bill


Color: Red
Front/obverse of the bill: Sergio Osmeña, Fourth President of the Philippines, he is the vice president of Manuel L. Quezon when he’s still the president.
Back/Reverse of the bill: taal lake. If you go in tagaytay picnic grove (this is a really nice place! I celebrated my birthday here), you can see the taal lake, and at the middle of it (not really in the middle), you can see the taal volcano, (yes, a volcano in the middle of a lake, it looks small but no, because the lake is very deep of course and I wonder what is the really size of the volcano.)
What can you buy with fifty pesos?: A dozen of egg! This is our usual breakfast, right? Sunny side-up or scrambbled egg, either of the two is perfect to start your day!


One-hundred Peso Bill


Color: Violet
Front/obverse of the bill: Manuel Roxas, the fifth president of the Philippines who served until his last breath
Back/Reverse of the bill: Mayon Volcano, an active volcano and is called “perfect cone”. When I’m hearing a news about it that it has a chance to erupt, I always pray to God not to let it happen because it will cost thousands of lives.
What can you buy with one-hundred pesos?: Bunch of bananas! The fruit we Filipinos really do love and we also served this as a dessert.



Five-hundred Peso Bill


Color: yellow
Front/obverse of the bill: Corazon C. Aquino, Benigno S. Aquino Jr.. Before this new generation currency came, the obverse is only Benigno S. Aquino and he is frowning, but when Corazon Aquino is already there, he is smiling. That’s the proof that only woman can make a man happy (it’s a joke but it’s the truth, right? I know you agree with me)
Back/Reverse of the bill: Subterranean Underground River . I want to go here! The water is so clear that you can see the sand and stones underneath the water. But I think its expensive to travel here, so maybe I need to save money first.
What can you buy with five-hundred pesos?: A cellphone! But not the touch screen or the iPhone or anything expensive. We need cheap phones, why? For our safety purposes. To prevent the “snatching thingy”


One thousand Peso Bill


Color: blue
Front/obverse of the bill: José Abad Santos, Vicente Lim, Josefa Llanes Escoda. Why three people? Because these three are considered as heroes during World War II
Back/Reverse of the bill: Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park . This is the best park, I think. Why? Because it’s an underwater park! This is a great tourist spot that we should all try!
What can you buy with one-thousand pesos?: All of the above! Tissue, dozen of egg, bunch of bananas and a cheap cellphone! And you still have a change. But with one thousand pesos, you can buy already many things like shoes and clothes!

3 years from now, I will have lots of money like this (or more!) because I already graduat in college at that time (hopefully my mother can still sustain my school fees)


I will also give you the knowledge about the coins

Ten Peso Coin

The highest value of coin, the ten pesos. At the front, there is the two hero who contributes on the independence of the Philippines, Apolinario Mabini and Andres Bonifacio.

With just ten pesos, you can already eat a snack!



Five Peso Coin


In five pesos, there is Emilio Aguinaldo, he declared the independence of the Filipinos.
You can buy salt with just five pesos!



One Peso Coin


In one peso, it’s Jose Rizal, our national hero. Why is he in one peso if he’s the national hero? Well for me it’s because, one peso, is very valuable to all of the people especially to those who have financial problem. They value it so much, just like Jose Rizal. Also, he is the number one in the heart of the country.


Coin less one peso
P1040405philippine  P1040403philippine


The government changes the style of money to make sure it will be difficult for counterfeiters to copy our money. In my case, I want to keep the old money, just for remembrance, because they will never ever again produce the same style as the old ones.

Yes, we need money to live, to sustain our wants and needs but what is more important than money is love. Love is the most powerful element in the world. Love yourself and your countrymen, not the money.


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