AYALA TRIANGLE GARDENS: the best place to relax in Makati


In the heart of the busy streets of Makati, lies a nature-friendly haven, the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Its triangle form was the result of the intersection of Paseo de Roxas Avenue, Makati Avenue and Ayala Avenue. This park serves as “escape zone” for individuals who are stressed out from work or school.

This park serves as refuge for the fast-paced Makati life.

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Its wide open space makes people, working or living near the area, choose to exercise here rather than going to gyms. Aside from staying here is free, the fresh air you get from the trees is remarkable.


If you are a book-worm, Ayala Triangle Gardens is one of the best places to read a book. Its quiet and relaxing ambience makes your reading experience superb.


One of the best things to do in this park is to sit back and relax. There are a lot of benches in the area that you can use for your own comfort.


If you don’t want to use the benches, you can sit and have fun under the trees. You can bring your own picnic blanket and sit on the grass. Just make sure to clean your mess after!


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Inside the park, there are lot of restaurants, coffee shops and a convenient store. They serve different cuisines or dishes that suit your need and want.


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By the way, call of nature is not a problem in this park. Their rest room is really clean and well-maintained. Take note, their rest room has its own air conditioner. Isn’t it cool?


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Ayala Triangle Gardens is known for being one of the seven places to go “to see spectacular Christmas lights around the world.” (as picked by Condé Nast Traveler)And this is the area where its annual Festival of Lights is held. Every December a lot of people visit this place to witness that most awaited festival.


Working in the Country’s Central Business District is really stressful. Thanks for this park which gives sparkle to the so called “Makati life”.

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