This is filipino lemon drink – Review of calamansi juice



Calamansi or Philippine Lemon is often used as dips for some dishes, usually mixed with soy sauce or fish sauce. It is also used in barbecue marinade and in some dishes like steaks, and most Filipino chefs prefer using Calamansi instead of lemon because it has no after-taste. It is also known for its whitening properties which makes Calamansi an ingredient in some whitening soaps.



Rich in Vitamin C, it is used to make Calamansi Juice which is essential as home remedy for cough and colds. It is also used as natural food supplement to prevent ailment. It’s easy making calamansi juice. Just slice some calamansi, take out the seeds, and pour into a glass. Add sugar and water. Then add to taste if you want it sweet or more sour.
You can also use calamansi with honey syrup. Since honey can boost your immune system and has been found to keep your blood sugar level constant as compared to other types of sugar, it is healthier. Honey syrup can be conveniently bought in supermarkets.


Lucky me, I was able to buy Calamansi with Honey Syrup in SM Supermarket for only 195 pesos.
And now it is easier to make Calamansi juice because I only have two ingredients… Calamansi with Honey Syrup and water.



I pour Calamansi with Honey Syrup up to one-third part of the glass, add some water, and stir. No need to add sugar (the Calamansi with Honey Syrup is sweetened already)

Now let’s taste it…


It’s delicious! So easy to prepare, so healthy and so refreshing!

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