7D Dried Mangoes is the best? I compared the tastes of 7 dried mangoes.



Dried mangoes has always been one of the favorite souvenir or present from the Philippines. There are different kinds of dried mangoes which results to difficulty in choosing what to buy. So I’m going to differentiate the taste of various dried mango products…and it’s up to you which do you prefer most. (The prices, by the way, are based on the prices in SM Supermarket where I bought all these.)



1.) 7D DRIED MANGOES (79.50 pesos) – you can taste the great combination of sourness and sweetness.

P1030315philippine P1030369philippine


2.) CEBU DRIED MANGOES CHIPS (59.50 pesos) – it’s sweet and tasty…and soft. Compared to 7D DRIED MANGOES, it is sweeter. Therefore, recommended for those who like sweet.

P1030316philippine P1030367philippine


3.) PHILIPPINE BRAND DRIED MANGOES PRESERVES (54.50 pesos)– a little brownish in color, it’s soft and sweet. But the sweetness is different from the previous brands, they probably used brown sugar.

P1030317philippine P1030366philippine


4.) PHILIPPINE BRAND DRIED MANGOES (71.50 pesos) – the texture is like 7D Dried Mangoes, but the taste is like the CEBU DRIED MANGOES CHIPS

P1030318philippine P1030370philippine


5.) FRESHCO DRIED MANGOES (64.50 pesos) – not too sweet, not too sour…the taste is just right.

P1030319philippine P1030365philippine


6.) TRAPPIST GUIMARAS DRIED MANGOES (109.50 pesos)– its taste is different. Aside from being a product coming from Guimaras Island (unlike the others which come from Cebu), it may be because they use a different kind of preservative.

P1030320philippine P1030364philippine


7.) CEBU DRIED GREEN MANGOES (69 pesos) – completely different from the others, maybe because it is made of green mangoes. The taste is unique that others may like, while the other may not.
P1030323philippine P1030368philippine


All may be good enough but if you prefer the sweet kind, then I recommend #2 and #4. But overall, I like 7D DRIED MANGOES…it tops them all! So, if it is your first time to taste dried mangoes, I recommend 7D DRIED MANGOES.




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