Learn 10 sweet Filipino Phrases that will surely catch the heart of your true love


Have you ever been in love? Did anyone already tell you that they like you? Here in the Philippines, we already experienced it (yes, I will not deny it, some guys already confessed to me but I am choosy so yeah, I’m still single since birth). Filipinos express their feelings even though they are shy. It doesn’t matter if you reject us, what is more important is that we say what are heart really feel.

So what are the sweet Filipino phrases that we usually hear? Here’s the top 10 list.

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1. Sayo lang umiikot ang mundo ko

My world only revolves around you. It means that you are his everything. You are his mother, sister, bestfriend and the love of his life.


2. Ikaw lang ang buhay ko

You’re my life. If he told you this, he means that he couldn’t live without you. It’s like you’re the oxygen. If you leave him, he might die. (well of course this is not true, he can live his life to the fullest if he just moved on)


3. Nandito lang ako para sayo

I’m only here for you. Whenever you are stressed, happy, sad, surprised, broken or anything else, he’s always there for you. Just a text message from you saying that you need him, he will be there for you even if he’s very busy. You will never alone.


4. Ikaw lang ang babae na minamahal ko

You’re the only girl I love. This is what you called loyalty. No one has his attention, only yours. He will say this if you are getting jealous to some girls he talked to earlier. He’s assuring you that the girl is nothing. That you don’t have to worry that she can steal him from you.


5. Ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako masaya

You’re the reason why I’m happy. Not because you look like a clown or a comedian, but because of your smile or your presence that makes him happy.


6. Walang kwenta ang mundo ko kung wala ka

My world is nothing without you. Even if he has lots of money, a nice house or car and an expensive gadgets, if you don’t belong to him, all of it is nothing. He would prefer living a simple life with you rather than having all the things that everybody desires but without you.


7. Aalagaan kita

I’ll take care of you. He will protect you. He will send you home even if he lives far in your house. If you’re sick or if you have monthly period, he will buy napkins in convenience store even if it’s embarrassing for him. He will do everything just to make sure you’re safe.


8. Hindi kita iiwan


I’ll never leave you. Just like the “I’m only here for you”. If he’s always there for you, then he will never leave you.


9. Akin ka lang


You’re mine. You are not anyone’s property, only his. No one can steal you away from him. You are his, and he is yours.


10. Mahal kita

I love you. If he says this, look at his eyes and verify it. It’s very easy to say this phrase but only few really mean it. You can see in his eyes if he really means it. Or if you can’t see it, close your eyes and feel it.



They are only some of the phrases that you can hear but there’s a plenty ways of saying how much you love someone.
But I want to let you know, that even though you heard all of this from someone, doesn’t mean you are destined to each other. There are some things that are meant to meet but only just up to that. No more no less. Maybe the two of you just met for a reason; to experience something and to learn from that to be a better person.
Here in the Philippines, we always ask, “May forever ba?” (Is there’s such a thing as forever?), it’s just started as a joke because of netizens that are bitter, they say “walang forever!” (There’s no forever!”) but I also asked myself: is there’s a forever? I don’t know. But people would have a different answer on that question. Now ask yourself, is there’s such a thing as forever?

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