Mang Inasal is the restaurant for chicken lovers in the philippines


Are you a chicken lover? How about those grilled ones? Then I think I found the fastfood chain that is perfect for you! The “Mang Inasal”!

Mang Inasal is a famous fastfood chain here in the Philippines. You can find it anytime, anywhere, everywhere!



It is famous for its unlimited rice plus their bestselling grilled chicken that no one could ever resist!

Of course except chicken, they also have different menus serve for you.

There are two chicken parts served in Mang Inasal.

The leg part

And PechoDSCN0167philippine
If you look into it, it’s almost the same size, but actually no. Pecho is bigger that the leg that’s why they have different price.

I’m going to eat this!
I’ve eaten this before, a lot actually, but I’m never used to its taste ever! It’s like for every time I ate chicken from Mang Inasal, I tasted it like the first time I ate it! There’s really something in their chicken that makes you craved for it more and more each time you eat it.

If you love rice (Filipinos love rice) you should order their unli rice! Someone would refill your plate with rice and then you can continue enjoying your meal!

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