Amazing art gallery at Sining Kamalig by Filipino artists


Arts are everywhere; you can see it wherever you look. But artists put meanings into it when they make it.
Here in Sining Kamalig, an art gallery that can be found in Ali Mall, has displayed paintings that is made by Filipino artists, all Filipinos, no foreigners.


Each month, they change the paintings. This month of October, their theme is “ 8 Strange Visions”
As you enter the gallery, you can see lots of paintings that have meanings.


“Blue Harmony” by Roland Rosacay
This is the painting that first caught my eye because it’s the simplest of them all and I’m not confused of what he painted. It’s the sun and the ocean. According to the description, an ocean sunrise represents calm, focus and peace.


Paintings by Rene Canlas
I’m really not good at looking at hidden meanings of painting but this painting also got my attention.


“Chum” by Clara Villapando
I’m wondering why there are two faces in the painting. The description said that it focuses on the relationship between the man and his beloved companion in times of loneliness and need.
So that’s the reason why there are two faces in there.



Do you want to take home of the paintings? Well here’s the good news, you can buy the paintings. There’s a brochure there that contains the prices of each paintings. Each of them costs hundred thousand. You can buy it, if you have lots of money because me? I don’t.


There is a Dutch girl that watches over the gallery. We asked information from her and she said that artists come in the gallery and then they will paint on the spot. Also, Sining Kamalig is established a long time ago and only Filipino works are displayed there.

Her voice is really nice, and she is beautiful, don’t you agree?


Sining Kamalig is located at the 2nd floor of Ali mall. For easy directions, watch the video.


So what are you waiting for? This art gallery changes its paintings every month so you will different paintings! Plus, this is free. Yes, you read it right, you don’t have to pay any single cent to enter Sining Kamalig.

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