Art in Island: a place where you can be a part of the art


Do you want an art that looks like real as if you’re a part of it?Are you tired of just looking at it as how it is? Well, Art in Island is something you should try!

Art in island is an interactive museum where you can do something which you can’t do in other museums. Here, you can be a part of an art.




Whoa, that must be pretty cool, right?

So, first and foremost, how to go to this awesome museum?

We asked taxi drivers to take us to ‘art in island’ but unfortunately, they don’t know where it is and what is it. For easy direction, watch the video.


this is the map of art in islnad


We’re here! The biggest trick art museum in Asia! Just seeing the exterior of the building makes me so excited!



The ticket booth is just outside the museum so you really cannot enter unless you have ticket!



The regular price is 500 pesos. But if you are a student or a senior citizen, you have a discount of 100 pesos. So, always bring your i.d.!
Also, they have a loyalty promo. If ever you will visit the museum again (I’m sure you will), just bring your ticket that you bought last time then you will have a 50% discount!



As you enter Art in Island, you are required to deposit your shoes. This is to keep the arts from getting damage. Bring socks or bedroom slippers if you want because the floor is really cold. (I know no one  wants to feel their feet frozen, right?)



Let’s now enter the world of art! Uhm, sorry but it’s not really a door, that’s just a painting.



Look! I’m a great surfer!



The crocodile is going to swallow me! Noooooo!



The weather is nice. I will spend my day sitting here beside the window.



No, this ball is mine. You can’t steal it away from me!



Shhhhh! Please be quiet. He might see me.



Oh no! The other guy saw me! Help!


I’m the real MVP.



Merry Christmas Santa! You didn’t expect to see a lady inside the crystal ball, huh?



Please, please forgive me. It’s not my fault, believe me.



Boo! Get ready; I’m going to invade this place! Bwahahaha



Where am I? Why am I inside a bottle? Where it will take me?



Sorry, I didn’t know this glass is so fragile.



Money, money, money! I need this to help poor people.



I’m not letting go!



I don’t know where I am, but there’s a flying ship!



My lady, here’s your sneakers. This is much better than your glass shoes.



Oooppps, what is that thing?



Give me the crown; I am the new queen of this palace.

I wonder where this path will lead me.

Be careful, be careful. One wrong move and I will fall into abyss.

Your hair is too long; we need to cut it right now.

Come here, follow me.



This apple will going to crush me!



Hey fishy, you’re lucky ‘coz you got my first kiss.



Angel in disguise. Good angel and bad angel. Which angel do you like?




There are lots of arts that you should see in there and because of that, you will become tired, but don’t worry! There’s a café inside the Art in Island.



All the time, I’ve been asking myself, “How did they manage to paint those arts?” “How can they think something like this?” “How long does it take to finish one art?” I’m telling you, you will ask it to yourselves if you visit Art in Island because this place is really great.



Art in Island is perfect for bonding of family and friends. And if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, take them here, this place might not be romantic but you two will surely enjoy.

The museum is mostly crowded during weekends so I recommend you better visit Art in Island during weekdays so you can enjoy it. It is open from 9:30am to 9:30pm.

Do you want to experience what I’ve experienced? So, what are you waiting for? Visit Art in Island and I’m telling you, you will never regret it!


Oooppsss, I didn’t splash the paint on the wall!


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