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Nice to meet you! My name is Pan. Pan is just my internet name. The reason why I use Pan is because I like baking bread, and bread means “pan” in Japanese.

Oh, by the way I am Japanese ;)


Why am I in the Philippines?

When I was in japan, I heard the news that many Japanese and Korean people go to the Philippines to study English. After I heard the news, I became interested in the Philippines. Before that, the only things I know about the Philippines are banana and pineapple..
After I searched the Philippines in the internet, I learned that Filipinos are hospitable and they are very happy people.
I want to see Filipinos and I want to know Philippine culture more, and this idea became stronger and stronger on my mind.
When I was an elementary teacher, I was fulfilled at work. But I had a lot of stress. Working is very hard in Japan. Every one is very serious.
People say Japan is a stressful society. As of now, more than thirty thousand people committed suicide in Japan.
I thought that my life will end just being a teacher.
Of course being a teacher is a good job. Teaching and educating children is a respectful job because children plays a big part of the future of the country.
I only live my life once and it is  very precious. You also feel the same, right? So I decided to quit teaching and went to the Philippines.
To tell you the truth, my foreigner friends, an American guy and a Swiss guy who have been to the Philippines said that Filipino women or Filipinas are family-oriented and they are always concerned about family. So it makes me more interested. And I will be very happy if I get married to a Filipina. LOL


It’s very hard to live in other country

The first thing I was surprised with was when I came to the Philippines and found their high ability in English language. I can communicate in English. But….
When I watched a movie in a movie theater, many Filipinos laughed and enjoyed it, but me?
Just bitter smile :)
I can not understand the movie. Movie is still difficult to understand.
I decided to study English again and started to look for English teacher. My teacher was very kind and helped me a lot. For example, she helped to open a bank account, to apply for an internet connection, and how to pay my electric bill.
When I traveled to Cebu, I met a lot of kind people. I met people who work in Shangri-La Hotels and went to Karaoke together. When I walked around without reason, some guys invited me to play basketball. And they took me to a good beach in Mactan Island that most foreigners do not know yet.



I would like to repay Filipino kindness

I have a lot of memorable experiences in the Philippines. I’m really grateful. So how can I repay to Filipinos ?
Then I decided to make Philippine Channel.
I can find full-time job in the Philippines but I can not find part-time job. I think even some university students look for jobs but they can not find it.
I don’t own a company to pursuit profit. So I can not hire a lot of people. But I can ask few people to improve this blog together.
I heard minimum lease payments per day is around 500 peso in the Philippines. I am going to pay three times of it. This is my minimum lease payments per day. Therefore, I am looking for the someone who :
1. works hard
2. shows the talents / skills you have
3. wants to try new activities
I want to manage Philippine channel with the person above.
If you want to join me in managing this blog, check this URL …..
Just an example of what I am thinking is that they will help me improve my blog. Of course, I will be happy if my blog is improved. Then they get their payment and they can use it for their school expenses. I think they will be happy too.
I want to have a relationship that makes both of us feel happy…a win-win relationship.


By the way, what kind of website Philippine Channel is?

Philippine channel is a blog that introduce useful and interesting information like sightseeing, restaurant and food, etc to everyone all over the world.
Do you know what nationalities visit the Philippines ?
1st – Korean
2nd – American
3rd – Japanese
4th – Chinese
So I manage blogs in English, Korean language and Japanese language. Moreover, I ask writer to make Tagalog blog. If I get profit from these blogs, I want to share it to charity. For example,I want to support orphanage. I was a teacher so I like children :)


Thank you for reading to the end

I am a Japanese and I don’t know the Philippines that well yet. So I study about the Philippines more and more so I can share useful information to you.
I will be glad If you share this blog, or movie of Philippine channel through Facebook and/or Twitter. I also have a Facebook page. If you click “like” to the Facebook page, I will be happy.
Thank you for reading until the end



    • arlene sapa
    • April 20th, 2015

    I read your wrtings here. I am very glad that a Japanese like you loves my country, well many foreigners say the same thing with you but this still amazes me. May you keep on doing this and good luck to you :-) :-)

      • pan
      • April 21st, 2015

      thank you arlene:)

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