Learn The Top 10 Basic Tagalog Greetings


Today we will learn how to greet people in Tagalog. Filipinos are known for their hospitality, they are approachable and easy to get along with. If you ever meet a Filipino here are ways on how to greet them in Tagalog so that you can understand each other better.


1.) Magandang Umaga


“Magandang Umaga” is the way people in the Philippines say Good Morning to each other. It is usually used in the morning, before noon and after the sun rises.


2.) Magandang Tanghali

“Magandang Tanghali” is what people use to greet each other when it’s 12 noon. The whole saying “Magandang Tanghali” doesn’t have an actual translation in English. “Tanghali” means Noon and there’s no saying in English “Good Noon” It’s not commonly used anymore and is only usually used by elders


3. Magandang Hapon

In Tagalog “Magandang Hapon” means “Good Afternoon” It’s usually used in the afternoon after 12 and before evening.


4.) Magandang Gabi

“Magandang gabi” means “Good Evening” It’s what people say in the evening after sunset.


5.) Paalam



In the Philippines when we want to say farewell or goodbye to someone we say “Paalam” We use it to tell people we are leaving.


6.) Maligayang Pagdating

Welcome! In the Philippines Welcome means “Maligayang Pagdating” We say it when someone visits or meets with us and we’re happy to see them.


7.) Ingat


We say ”take care” in the Philippines by saying “Ingat” We usually say this with Po as a sign of respect, like “Ingat po” We also say this after saying “Paalam” to someone to show that we care for their safety.


8.)Kamusta ka?


“Kamusta ka” is how we say “how are you”. We say it when we want to know what others feel or to find out how their day is.


9.) Oy Pare/Mare


This is a slang term in the Philippines. It’s how we say “Hey dude” we say “Pare” (Pa-re) if we are referring to a boy or “Mare” (Ma-re) when we are referring to a girl. This is a different way to say hi to someone and is usually used in a close group of friends.


10.) Salamat


“Salamat” is how we say “Thank You” here in the Philippines. We say Salamat to show our appreciation to what others are doing for us.


So that is 10 different ways to greet someone in the Philippines. “Salamat” for reading this and I hope that you learned something today, the next time you meet a Filipino ,you now know what to tell them.

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