Filipino Livelihood | Sari-Sari Stores (Interview)


Today we will learn about sari-sari stores. Here in the Philippines we can find these small stores almost everywhere we look. These sari-sari stores are like small convenient stores here in the Philippines. It is usually very small compared to a convenient store and since the Filipinos are hardworking, it is usually run by Filipino families. Today we will visit one of these sari-sari stores and interview the owner to learn more about it.

Now we are in the streets, and that we can see that there are many sari-sari stores around the corner.

Here is a sari-sari store. In the sari-sari store we can buy many things, like different types of junk foods, biscuits, candies, and other stuff for daily life like powders, sanitary napkin, cigarettes, laundry materials and so many more! We can get almost everything we need in a sari-sari store.

Here is Ate, the owner of the Sari-Sari store. We will now interview her and ask her questions about the sari-sari store she runs and how much she earns from it.



First we asked her “When did you start the sari-sari store?”
She said “For 13 years”
Next we will ask “When do they open the sari-sari store?”
Then she said “6am to 10pm””
After that we will ask “What is the profit and sales of the store?”
She said “Sales is P5000 and P500 the profit”
and lastly we will ask “what are some good stories about the sari-sari store?”
She said “the good in the sari-sari store. The everyday profit goes into the allowance of the children and to help them in their school.”

This interview shows that we can really tell that the people owning the sari-sari store put a lot of effort into it. They work for a really long time every day and they earn very little and most of the profit goes to their children. It just goes to show that Filipino’s are really persistent and hard working.

Also as part of the Filipino’s hospitality, some sari-sari stores allow you to “Utang” It’s where you get something and pay it later. The owner will list your name so that they will remember you and so you will be reminded to pay them back. This is really useful when you need something and don’t have the money to pay for it at the moment, don’t forget to pay them back though.
So that is all about these sari-sari store. I hope you learned a lot about these small convenient stores so when you’re in the Philippines you know about them already.


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