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Have you ever met a Filipino and wondered why they are always late? Or have you been invited to an event and came on time and found yourself the first one there? Well don’t be shocked because it is actually natural in the Philippines to come later than the said time. It’s a cultural phenomenon in the Philippines called the “Philippine Time” or “Filipino Time” and today we will learn all about this.
Filipinos are known for being late, the standard time Filipinos usually comes late is 15-30 minutes but sometimes Filipinos come hours late. Because of this Hosts of events usually set their event’s call time an hour earlier than when it actually start so that when the actually call time comes then the guests would already be there.


Filipinos sometimes use Filipino time as an excuse when they get really late already. Filipinos has gotten to the habit of this behavior and uses it quite frequently. A scenario that is usually quite common because of this is when you are waiting for a friend and you call to ask where they are already, they are going to reply “I’m almost there” but in reality they are still at home getting dressed.

Despite being a bad habit it also has its guidelines to make sure that no one gets too angry or annoyed. Firstly make sure that you don’t get too late if what you are going too is really, really important like an interview or a meeting. Secondly if you’re a guy meeting up with a girl, make sure that you get there earlier than the girl since girls get impatient faster than guys. Thirdly make sure that if you’re the one who said the call time then you should be there before the guests.



All in all despite being a cultural phenomenon we should refrain from practicing this because it is unethical and is a bad example to other people. We might to this from time to time because of being busy but as much as possible it should not be done and other countries will look down upon this habit of being late. We should make sure that we never do this on formal occasions or it could lead to consequences. Now you know about the so-called “Filipino time” I hope you benefit from this lesson.

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