Tagalog lesson | How to respond to “Kamusta ka”


Have you ever asked someone how they felt? Surely someone has asked you the same question as well, but what if you were asked that in Tagalog? Today we will learn how to reply to someone if they say “Kamusta ka” or how are you in English. Let’s get started.

Replying to how are you in Filipino is less diverse than when you reply in English. There are fewer responses in Filipino than what you would have when responding in English.


First let me tell you three positive ways to respond to “Kamusta ka”

Masaya ako


First is masaya ako, masaya ako in English means “I’m Happy.” We say this when we are happy and want to show it to other people.


Mabuti naman ako

Next we have Mabuti naman ako, in English it means “I’m Fine.” We say this when we are feeling alright


Okay naman ako


Lastly for the positive responses we have “Okay naman ako” which means I’m doing well.


Next let me tell you three other responses which indicate you’re not good, but not bad.

Ayos lang ako


First is ayos lang ako which means “I’m okay.” This is self-explanatory, we say this when we’re okay


Ganun Parin


Next is ganun parin which means “Same as always.” We say this when our feeling has not changed and that we still feel the same way.


Ayos na Pakiramdam ko


Lastly is ayos na pakiramdam ko which means “I’m feeling better”


Lastly here are four ways to respond to “Kamusta ka”

Masama Pakiramdam ko


First is masama pakiramdam ko, it means “I’m not feeling well.” We say this when we do not feel alright.


Malungkot ako


Next is Malungkot ako or “I’m Sad.” We say this when we feel down or we feel like something is wrong.


Hindi ako okay


Then we have Hindi ako okay, meaning “I’m not okay” we say this if we are not feeling okay.


Masakit katawan ko


Lastly we have masakit katawan ko, which means “My body hurts.” We say this if our body is aching.


Now you know how to respond to “Kamusta.” I hope you will benefit from this lesson and become more fluent in the Filipino language. Next time you see a Filipino you now know what to say.

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