Tagalog tutorial – the 10 most used congratulatory messages we often use


When you congratulate someone, you are sending them a message that you are happy for their success and they deserve what they got because after many hardships and trials, they finally achieved their goals.

There are lots of happy occasions where you should congratulate someone. Here in the Philippines, we always congratulate someone because its like we are also celebrating their success.

Your simple congratulations means a lot to someone. So how do you congratulate people in Tagalog? Here are the 10 most used congratulatory messages in the Philippines.

Congratulations sa paggraduate mo!

paggraduate – graduation

English: Congratulations on your graduation

When you congratulate someone on their graduation, you will say “Congratulations sa paggraduate mo”



Congratulations sa pagpasa mo sa exam!


English: Congratulations on passing the exam

After someone passed an exam you will congratulate them by saying to them “congratulations sa pagkapasa mo sa exam!”



Congratulations sa bagong trabaho mo!

bago – new
trabaho – job

English: Congratulations on your new job!
When someone got a new job, you will say “Congratulations sa bagong trabaho mo!”



Congratulations sa promotion mo!

English: Congratulations on your promotion!

After working hard, they will get a promotion. So you will say “Congratulations sa promotion mo!”



Congrats! May lovelife ka na!

English: Congrats! You already have a lovelife!

when they got a boyfriend or girlfriend, we congratulate them in informal way. “Congrats! May lovelife ka na!”



Congratulations sa kasal mo!


English: Congratulations on your wedding!
When someone is getting married to their loved ones, you will say “Congrats sa kasal mo”



Congratulations sa pagbubuntis mo!

buntis – pregnant

English: Congratulations on your pregnancy!

When someone gets pregnant, you will say “Congratulations sa pagbubuntis mo!”



Congratulations sa bagong baby nyo!

bago- new

English: Congratulations on your new baby!

After the mother delivers the baby, you will say “congratulations sa bagong baby nyo!”



Congratulations sa pagka – panalo mo!


English: Congratulations on winning!

When someone won something like for example, a contest, you will say “Congrats sa pagkapanalo mo!”


after congratulating someone, we add simple messages at the end for us to express more how we really feel about the celebration in your life.

Masaya ako para sayo

English: I’m so happy for you!

Sobrang proud ako sayo!

English: I’m so proud of you!

Anong nararamdaman mo ngayon?

English: What do you feel right now?


Those are the basic congratulatory messages that we often say to someone. It’s not that difficult, right? Now, practice and practice until you remember the words

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