I need your help!!! I am introducing the Philippines through articles, movies, and Facebook. So, I need a writer who can write English article very well, and a model who can be shown in YouTube.
If you are below 25 years old, can speak English (Don’t worry if your english is not fluent,our writer support you and advise you what you say in English), good looking, sociable, have good acting talent, can help me make interesting movies, and punctual….you can be a model!
If you can speak English very well, can write attractive articles, have brilliant ideas for another project, and punctual…you can be a writer!



Salary is 1500 pesos per day (8 hours), and I will pay you directly right after work.

If you can do both jobs (model and writer), salary is 2500 pesos per day (up to 6000 pesos).

If you are busy for school, or taking care of a child, 4 hours is possible but salary is half in this case.


How to apply?

If you’re interested, what are you waiting for? Share your talent!

Just PM me in my Facebook Page (Philippine Channel) so we can meet somewhere for an interview or a small writing test. We can meet at Boni Station, Robinsons Galleria, or Lucky Gold Plaza (Ortigas Ave. Ext., Pasig City),Tiendesitas.


If you want to apply as a writer or both model and writer …
1, Give me an example of a topic that you want to write as writer.

Here’s a good example:
Dried mango is popular as souvenir from the Philippines. But there are so many brands. I think tourists have difficult time to choose which is the best one. So I want to compare several dried mangoes.

Now here’s an example I don’t prefer:
I want to write about Manila Zoo… (more concretely and think of a more attractive topic)

2, Tell me the place where you want to have an interview.

If you want to apply as a model…
1, Tell me the place where you want to have an interview.

Copyright of pictures, articles and movies belong to Philippine channel. You can not use them without permission.


    • robert cariaso
    • November 4th, 2015

    im interested to be a writer,i can also recomend someone to be a model

    • pan
    • November 6th, 2015

    thank you. can you message to facebook page?

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