what are the basic expressions of Filipinos during the rainy and dry season?


Unlike other countries, there are only two climates in the Philippines ? the rainy season and the dry season. These two seasons will give you different feeling.

When you are here in the Philippines, you can express what you feel about the weather because that’s what we all do. So I will teach you the usual expression we usually say during rainy and dry season.




English: Sticky.
You get this feeling during dry season because of sweating. It’s an irritating feeling because you feel like there’s a honey in your skin.

Tagalog: “Maliligo nga muna ako, malagkit na yung katawan ko”
English: “I’ll take a bath first, my body feels sticky.”
Maliligo – take a bath
Katawan – body



Hindi komportable

English: Uncomfortable
Because of the weather, you will get uncomfortable. Maybe because of the sticky feeling you get.

Tagalog: “Hindi ako komportable, buksan mo nga yung aircon.”
English: “I feel uncomfortable, please turn on the aircon.”

Buksan – turn on



Sobrang init

English: boiling hot
Due to the high temperature, the weather forecaster uses ‘boiling hot’.


English: “The weather is boiling hot, you should drink a lot of water”
Tagalog: “Sobrang init ng panahon, dapat kang uminom ng maraming tubig. ”

uminom – drink
Tubig – water
Panahon – weather




English: Irritable
Being irritable is not a good because it affects your mood and how you treat people. You get this feeling because of sticky feeling or being uncomfortable.


English: “I’m getting irritable because of this weather”
Tagalog: “Nagiging iritable na ako dahil sa panahon na ito.”
Dahil – because
Panahon – weather



Ang init

English: It’s hot
This is the usual expression you will hear during summer. I say this maybe 22 times a day during summer. Because if it’s hot, it’s really hot.




English: It’s humid
Humidity also the cause of irritable feeling because we sweat a lot because of it.
Tagalog: “Sobrang maalinsangan ang panahon ngayon”
English: “The weather is so humid.”
Maalinsangan – humid



Gusto ko ng malamig.

English: I want something cold
In order to overcome the heat, we want something cold like halo-halo and ice cream.


Tagalog: “Gusto ko ng malamig na tubig”
English: “I want cold water”
Malamig – cold
Tubig – water



Ang lamig

English: It’s cold.
If it’s raining, the wind is so strong and it’s really called. We always say that maybe 18 times a day. Because if it’s cold, it’s really cold and we will gonna express it.



Basang basa ako sa ulan.

English: I got wet in the rain.
Basa – wet
Ulan – rain
Because of the rain, we always got wet. Our clothes, our shoes, everything. And we will blame the rain.



baha na

English: it’s flooded.
Flood is not new in Philippines. It’s one of our problem here.


English: “It’s flooded here in our area”
Tagalog: “Baha na dito sa amin.”
Dito – here
Sa amin – in our area
Baha – flood



Ang lakas ng ulan.

English: it’s raining so hard
Ulan – rain
Raining hard is the reason why the area gets flooded. So we will announce it to someone we’re with for him to be alert.



 May bagyo ba?

English: is there a typhoon?
Bagyo – typhoon
If it’s raining hard, we usually ask if there’s a typhoon because sometimes, the weather forecaster haven’t announced it yet.



So those are the basic expressions we Filipinos do mention during rainy and dry season. If you visit Philippines, you are free to say this expressions too! We will appreciate it wholeheartedly because it’s more fun when foreigners speak our local language.

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