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Pick up line or ‘banat’ in tagalog, is a conversation between two people which have an intention of giving a feeling of butterflies in their stomach or what we called ‘kilig’.

So, do you want to learn how to do a ‘banat’? Here is the ten of the thousands pick up lines that we pick for you! Very simple, easy to learn and you can give a ‘kilig’ to your special someone!




Tagalog: Kutsara ka ba? [bakit] Kasi papalapit ka palang, napapanganga na ako
English: Are you a spoon? [why?] Because when you’re getting nearer, my mouth opens

kutsara – spoon
lapit – near
nganga-mouth opens

explanation: because when you are eating, your mouth opens when the spoon with the food gets nearer to it. Same as you, when you are getting nearer, my mouth opens, my jaw drops.



Tagalog: Magician ka ba? [bakit?] Kasi kapag tinitignan kita, nawawala na silang lahat
English: Are you a magician? [why?] Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears

tignan – look
everyone else – silang lahat
nawawala – disappears

explanation: a magician have the capability of making something disappear. Just like you, when I see you, it seems like everyone else disappears, just you and me, no one else.


Tagalog: Magnanakaw ka talaga eh noh! [ano? Bakit, ano ninakaw ko?] Ninakaw mo puso ko!
English: You’re really a thief! [what? Why? What did I stole?] You stole my heart!

Magnanakaw- thief
ninakaw – stole
puso – heart

explanation: a thief steals something important without the person’s permission. And you? You also stole something important from me, the most important thing. My heart.



Tagalog: Panganib ka ba? [bakit?] Kasi bumibilis ang tibok ng puso ko pag nandyan ka
English: Are you a danger? [why?] because my heart beats faster when you’re around.

Panganib – danger
bumibilis – faster
tibok ng puso – heart beat

Explanation: whenever there’s a danger, your heart pounds faster because your nervous. And like danger, you make my heart beats faster than the usual.



Tagalog: maglaro tayo kahit ano, wag lang taguan [bakit?] kasi mahirap hanapin yung babaeng katulad mo
english: Let’s play anything except hide and seek [why?] because a girl like you is hard to find

laro – play
taguan – hide and seek
hanap – find

explanation: hide and seek is a play where players hide and the ‘it’ will seek them, making it hard for him to find his co-players. And I don’t want you to hide because it would be difficult for me to find someone like you.



Tagalog: google ka ba? [bakit] Kasi lahat ng hinahanap ko nasa’yo na.
English: are you a google? [why?] because you have everything i’ve been searching for.

Everything – lahat
hinahanap – searching

explanation: we all know we can find everything we are searching for in the google. And in you, I already found everything I’ve been looking for a guy


Tagalog: kapag ako namatay, wag kang pupunta sa burol ko. [bakit?]Dahil baka tumibok ulit ang puso ko
English: If I die, please don’t go to my burial. [why?] because my heart might beat again.

Namatay – die
burol – burial

explanation: this is 100% not true, because its impossible for someone to live again. It just simply means you are the reason why my heart beats, and if ever I saw you in my burial, my heart might beat again just like how it beats when I’m with you.


Tagalog: relihiyosa ka ba? [bakit?] Dahil ikaw ang sagot sa mga dalangin ko.
English: are you religious? [why?] Because you’re the answer to my prayers.

Relihiyosa – religious
sagot – answer
dalangin – prayers

explanation: everyone prays for their happiness, for love and for everything they want and they need. And you? God gave me you. You are the answer to my prayers.


Hindi ka ba nabibingi? [bakit?] kasi sinisigaw ng puso ko ang pangalan mo.
english: aren’t you getting deaf? [why?] Because my heart is shouting your name.

Bingi – deaf
sigaw – shout
pangalan – name

explanation: when someone is shouting to you, you might get deaf. But how about you? Can you hear my heart shouting your name? Or are you not listening in the first place?



Tagalog: Kung ‘I love you’ ba ang pangalan ko, maglalakas ka ng loob na tawagin ako sa harap ng maraming tao?
English: if ‘I love you’ is my name, do you have the guts to call me in front of many people?

Lakas ng loob – guts
harap – front
many people – maraming tao

Explanation: we always call someone by their name in front of many people whenever or wherever. But some people, don’t have the guts to say ‘I love you’ in the public maybe because they are shy? So will you call me ‘I love you’ in public?
So, are you ready to say this to your special someone? May I know what did you feel after you read it? Because while I’m writing this, I felt ‘kilig’.

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